Blueberry Cupcake Battle

Blueberry Battle Heading

2019 – Calling all bakers for this BERRY exciting showdown!

  • This sweet event will be held during The Blueberry Festival on Saturday, June 8, 2019 at the Downtown Visitors Center, 200 E. Main Street in historic Nacogdoches. The entry fee is $5. There is a category this year for “Professionals”, as well as three age groups in the “Amateur” category:  Ages 8-12, Ages 13-17, and Adult.
  • Contestants are asked to bring their 6 cupcakes by 10:30 a.m. in order to be judged. The cupcake theme is to be related to The Blueberry Festival in some way through the recipe and decoration. Extra cupcakes may be provided to festival goers but is not required.
  • The judges will score the entries based on the theme, taste, and presentation. Entries will be judged at 11 a.m. and prizes will be awarded following their decision.

First place winners will be awarded in the “Professional” category and in each age division of the “Amateur” category.

Parental assistance will be necessary for the younger ages in this contest; however, we ask that you allow your child to participate in the mixing and decorating. We hope that your child’s creativity and imagination will help make some wonderful cupcakes, and be a great experience for everyone.