Primary Prevention with Youth

What is Primary Prevention?

The Primary Prevention of Sexual Violence involves stopping sexual violence before it occurs.  The Family Crisis Center of East Texas is committed to helping our community become educated on the issue of sexual assault and how it affects society. We have   developed a curriculum approved by the Office of Attorney General that is supportive of changing ideas, attitudes and beliefs that are supportive of sexual violence.

Take advantage of this opportunity to have our Primary Prevention Coordinator speak with youth at your school!

Here is what we have to offer:

  • Nine Session Curriculum that covers topics such as:
    • Gender Issue
    • Healthy Relationship
    • Appropriate vs. Inappropriate Behavior
  • Twenty-Session Curriculum that covers topics such as:
    • Advertisements and its underlying message
    • Music and its underlying message
    • Gender Issues
    • Healthy Relationships
    • Appropriate vs. Inappropriate Behavior
    • Bystander Roles

Contact our Primary Prevention Coordinator for more information at (936) 639-1681.